Team Members

Your Interdisciplinary TeamĀ  Members

Spiritual Counselor

Your spiritual counselor offers support to everyone regarding spiritual reactions to grief and loss. Some Spiritual reactions include, Questioning your Faith and Belief Systems, Why is This Happening to Me, Shame, Guilt, Powerlessness, Need for Reconciliation, and Need for Assurance. Visits from your Spiritual Counselor can help care givers and care receivers with the management of spiritual matters.

Hospice Physician

Your hospice physician is responsibility for initially certifying andĀ  subsequently responsible re-certifying you for hospice services. Consultation from your hospice physician is available 24/7 and will visit you in person when deemed deemed necessary.

Medical Social Worker

In addition to identifying community resources available to you, your Medical Social Worker offers individual and group/family counseling, and assistance for how caregivers and care receivers can approach speaking to young adults and children about what is happening.

RN Case Manager

Your Registered Nurse Case Manager supervises your individualized plan of care and coordinates all of your hospice services. After hour RN available 24/7.

Hospice Aide

The very backbone of Hospice Services is the Hospice Aide. Under the supervision of your RN the Hospice Aide offers you individualized personal care, caregiver respite and light housekeeping.